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Arthur Sharif, Managing Director of Operations for Randolph Equity Partners 

Arthur joined Randolph Equity Partners in 1999 as a Managing Director of Operations. Arthur served as the on site supervisor for several condominium conversion projects in South Florida, and was responsible for each of the projects from acquisition to sellout. Arthur has consistently assembled quality teams of professionals and worked to mobilize Randolph Equity Partners' projects on time and on budget.

Prior to joining Randolph Equity Partners, Art was the President and CEO of J Colton Company, a designer menswear chain which he founded in Santa Monica, California. Art developed the strategic business plans for the successful chain and was responsible for overall marketing strategies and management of the chain for more than 10 years. Art selected sites, designed storefronts, and floor plan layouts, and expanded the chain to nine locations throughout Southern California. Art developed keen abilities to develop and market a brand, anticipate customer trends and create new markets with his products. By creating and implementing sound business strategies along with having great attention to detail, Art evaluated products and opportunities intuitively and successfully. His experience and knowledge make him a successful and valued asset at Randolph Equity Partners.

Art's ability to understand rapidly changing markets, and his exceptional experience managing detailed operations are a great asset to the Randolph Equity Partners' real estate development team. As the Managing Director of Operations, Art is currently responsible for overseeing marketing strategies, project management, and daily operations at the Mediterranea site in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The daily operations include project costing, construction management, sales and marketing strategies, as well as keeping the Randolph Equity Partnersí partners updated and informed on the overall market trends. For all current, and future, transactions, Art will be instrumental in Randolph Equity Partnersí project design, from inception through completion across the Florida markets. Art will also be responsible for continually implementing value added marketing and operational strategies which will be vital to Randolph Equity Partners' future success.

Art received his BA in Industrial Engineering from the Southern Technical Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Art, his wife and their three children reside in Parkland, Florida.